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A key feature of, as a careers site, is that we give you the option of uploading your CV to our database.

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Your Career Profile remains confidential at all times. There are three steps:

  1. You submit your Career Profile online and can attach your CV.
  2. Whenever companies contact us for a position matching your interests and skills, we will let you know about the opportunity by email.
  3. You then decide whether or not to apply for the position. If you do apply for a position, you can attach a customised CV and covering letter.

No company can view your Career Profile without your explicit permission.

If you are a student:

You can store your Career Profile in our database. The database is searchable online by employers using our Student CV Search service and these users can contact you directly. cannot be held liable for the subsequent access, retention, use, or privacy of data contained within your Career Profile.

Upon your graduation, your Career Profile becomes non-searchable and confidential (as explained above for alumni).

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If you are a student, you obtain Premium access on if your school is a subscriber to the service. Please ask your business school's careers service to contact us and we will provide them with all the details. has compiled the first global, up-to-date, searchable and informative online directory of Development Programs. For each program you will find a structured overview of the program, its duration, location, deadline for applying, any work permit or other eligibility requirements, together with contact details.
We capture every single program out there, capture as much data as available, and then add more insights through the companies.
Use the various searchable criteria to refine your search. Select the location, industry, and/or job area that best match your preferences.
After that, you can refine your search with specific program names, company name, program type (full time vs. internship), and program scope (masters as well).

Finally, you can also use the keyword search, using
  • AND to search for all specific keywords.
    Example: business AND consultant
    search for both business and consultant in the program.
  • OR: to search for any of the keywords. Example: health OR hospital search for health or hospital in the program.
  • " ": Put your keywords between quotation marks to search for the exact phrase. Example: "business expertise" search for the exact phrase business expertise in the program.
If you have any difficulties searching for jobs, please contact us.
You can keep all interesting programs for your easy future reference. For programs that are currently closed for application, you also receive an email alert when the program opens again.
Programs are reviewed on a monthly basis.
Our MBA Employers Directory offers unique insights into the most relevant companies for MBAs, globally as well as in specific regions and industries. The Directory contains a lot of information that is simply not available elsewhere.
For each of the 1,100+ employers, you can access: a company overview, current job openings, key details, latest news, insights into the company and its culture, where it hires MBA graduates worldwide, editor's opinion, networking connections, and more. undertakes regular tests to ensure that our Employers Directory data is kept as up-to-date as possible and a complete review is done once a year.
You can complete an online testimonial form to share your experience of working for the company. It's free and you will appear in our dedicated online pages for testimonials and in the corresponding company page too Click here to enter your testimonial.
We organize regular online events which are open to all members to take part in. They are mainly recruitment events but can also be other types of events. These events allow you to learn about international recruiters and enable you to connect with them online. Click here to view our Online Events page.
Make sure to regularly check our online schedule and sign-up for the events you are interested in. All of our members can participate in these events. Click here to view our Online Events page. Update your career profile and you'll be informed about the events matching your profile.
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  1. To be searchable by recruiters through our online CV Search facility.
  2. The more information you provide, the more will be able to suggest content that is personalized and relevant to your career goals and interests.
  3. When applying for a position you can make use of one of your previously uploaded CVs
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