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After growing up in the Middle East and Switzerland, Bilal did his undergrad in the USA. He completed a dual-degree program in computer science and in finance from the Wharton school.

He started his career in banking – Paribas and Indosuez – both in capital markets and corporate finance. However, European banking was not for him so he decided to do an MBA at INSEAD to ‘get back on the fast track’. When he graduated at 25, he was relatively young and unsure of the correct career path to follow, so he joined McKinsey as a strategy consultant, although he was tempted to join Eli Lilly where he had a great experience over the summer.

Consulting was a fast pace learning experience but not the end game. After a couple of years, Bilal quit to launch his own company that he has been running since then.

Bilal is passionate about technology, entrepreneurship and personal development. He lives in Geneva with his wife and three children.

What makes me really happy...
A full day that was well spent

If I could have any job or career in the world...
A surgeon - not sure however what type

Away from work I am passionate about...
Education, entrepreneurship, out-of-the-box thinking

My favorite recent vacation was
Sardegna - Italy

My favorite recent quote
You are enough!

My favorite cartoon...
Léonard -- a french cartoon about a very creative scientist

My favorite sport to play...
Biking with my youngest son behind me

I confess to being bad at...
Singing -- Click the mute button if you can

The last book I enjoyed reading, cover to cover...
The two-hour job search by Steve Dalton -- paradigm shifting great book. Must read for all career counselors and anyone interested in careers and job search