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After growing up in the Middle East and Switzerland, I went to the USA to complete my undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania, where I completed a dual-degree program in computer science and in finance from the Wharton school.

I started my career in banking – Paribas and Indosuez, to build on my fascination with capital markets mis-pricing and how to build intelligent systems to capture them. However, my experience with European banking was too slow so I decided to do an MBA at INSEAD to ‘get back on the fast track’. When I graduated at 25, I was quite young and unsure of the correct career path to follow, so I joined McKinsey as a strategy consultant, although I was tempted to join Eli Lilly where I had a great experience over the summer.

Consulting at McKinsey was a great fast pace learning experience. I really enjoyed it a lot and would highly recommend it anytime. However, after a couple of years, I was lured by the dynamism of startups. That startup is turning 20 this year and it has now a couple more siblings, with the main focus around technology and education.

My current passion is Montessori education (I now co-own a school!) and everything around the science and tools to enable in others their awareness of and leveraging of the powers they have within.

What makes me really happy...
seeing the people I love happy

If I could have any job or career in the world...
A surgeon - not sure however what type

The last book I enjoyed reading, cover to cover...
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. Despite its title, it is one of the most profound books I have read in years

My favorite recent quote (edited)
Get education right and the world will sort itself out -- Dada Vaswani

My favorite recent vacation was
Sardegna - Italy

My favorite cartoon...
Léonard -- a french cartoon about a very creative scientist

My favorite sport to play...
Skiing on the Swiss Alps

I confess to being bad at...
Singing -- Click the mute button if you can